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Welcome! To our dynamic and all round martial art club!

Established  in  2001 by the Magua Brothers, Norman VI Dan& Denis V Dan.  Thanks to the dedicated members & instructors , it has  grown into the largest Taekwon-Do club in South Africa. We are the only club in the country directly connected to the original founder of  the original Taekwon-Do’s Son Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa (known as military Taekwon-Do as that is where it was first developed). Being the closest to the source of  this diverse and impressive martial art.

Training at the Magua Taekwon-Do clubs means. You will be trained to be an all round hand to hand martial artist. From the power & beauty to the practical & effective.Training caters for the unique needs of adults and children.

Magua Taekwon-Do has a strong focus on self defence effectiveness and teaches the difference between sport & real  life self defence. Taekwon-Do was originally  created for the military ,was forged on the battle field and holds onto that tradition with brutally effective techniques and has also evolved to have a great sporting and art side within it as well.

You will be trained in the original, military version of Taekwon-Do (I.T.F.) with the signature Magua Hosin-Sul (self defense) syllabus. So if  you are looking to be a Taekwon-Do athlete, a Taekwon-Do fighter or want to train for fitness or mental improvement. Look no further

The focus of  the club is to bring out each persons individual best. The aim is not to compare your self with others but with your self !

Each persons abilities vary  so looking to others for inspiration is more acceptable than aiming to be better. Even within competition the student is encouraged to look inward and gauge his/her progress in a task oriented way as opposed to an ego oriented approach.

If a well rounded martial art with roots in potent tradition, structure and a modern approach is what you seek then feel free to  contact us for a trial.

The school is renowned for producing black belts of the highest calibre. Its quality instruction and training methods produce confident leaders and brings out the best in its students.

 On the sporting front, it has produced numerous national champions, international and world championship medallists.

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