Bosabum Richard
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Name:                 Richard Girvin

Rank:                  4th Degree Black Belt

Nationality:         South African

Club:                  Bryanston Taekwon-Do Club

Affiliation:           Magua Taekwon-Do

Bo-Sabum Richard Girvin was born in Northern Ireland, an avid Liverpool Fan, in Bangor on March 30th, 1974. He emigrated to South Africa with his family in 1976.

Richard was interested in martial arts since the young age of 8, and he had his first opportunity to practice martial arts at the age of 22. He began with Jui Jitsu training for two years, before opportunistically coming across a Taekwon-Do school advertisement. After deciding to attend the first training session, he enjoyed what he saw with Sabum Norman Magua and Sabum Denis Magua, and has been training under their guidance since. Richard is quick to affirm that he will continue to train under his teachers until he is physically incapable of continuing.

Bo-Sabum Richard’s passion for Taekwondo has grown over the years, and he has accumulated many gold, silver and bronze medals from National Taekwon-do Sparring competitions each year. The greatest achievement for Bo-Sabum Richard was being able to represent South Africa in the ITF Taekwon-Do World Championships held in Birmingham in 2007, where he won a bronze medal for team power breaking.

On a personal level, Bo-Sabum Richard believes in the self-confidence Taekwon-Do instills, as well as the mental and physical health the art brings. Taekwon-Do consistently pushes him to his limits. After assisting his teachers during lessons since he was a red belt, he has begun to share his art with students of his own since October 2008.

Bo-Sabum Richard derives great pleasure and satisfaction from the continual learning in Taekwon-Do and is eager to share his passion experiences with as many new students as possible who are willing to push the art to new heights.

He is also one of the first official instructors of Magua Taekwon-Do. His passion and dedication are an inspiration.