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Its all about passion

Our club head instructors are all more than coaches. They are students of the art and practicing members. They have healthy lifestyles and  train as students of the Magua brothers. A higher expectation is required for an instructor to bear the name Magua Taekwn-Do and  quality in training as well as being a good positive example is strictly guarded. You know your are getting the highest quality in the full aspects of original Taekwon-Do if you train at one of our clubs.

Our instructors under the guidance of Sabum’s Norman and Denis Magua are excited about Taekwon-Do and want to share their knowledge with willing and deserving students.

Our instructors instruct in order to bring out ones best.

Master Trevor Nicholls( IX Dan) .Official instructor to Sabum’s Norman & Denis. He heads up UK ITF Taekwon-Do in the UK. As well as being one of the most sought after Grand masters in the world for seminars, he is also Vice President of the International Taekwon-Do Federation.

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Norman Magua ( VI Dan )

Denis Magua ( V Dan)

Tanya Magua ( IV Dan )

Richard Girvin ( IV Dan )

Avishkar Ajoodha ( III Dan)

Fraser Du Toit ( III Dan)

Natasha Voorhout ( III Dan)

Ruan Hageman ( III Dan)