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I.T.F Taekwon-Do competition  sparring is exciting, fast and tough. The I.T.F. Rules are quite different from  the olympic W.T.F. Rules. The I.T.F. Rules allow more techniques including punches to the head (For teens and adults).

The rules are in place to protect the student from serious harm as much as possible.

Competition sparring is challenging and builds fighting spirit and the ability to deal with stressful situations. I.T.F competition sparring is also effective as part of the self defence focus of the classes.

Competition is not compulsory and is there for members who want to compete. The benefits to competing are however a great help to the rest of the training.

Check out some videos here:

Set sparring & traditional sparring

These forms of sparring are more focused on the original military applications for terminating an opponent in a serious situation. There for all targets especially vital spots are the main focus of attack. These types of sparring often are applied as the first strike is thrown or about to be thrown. Control is also built here so the students don’t harm each other. If  this section was allowed to be hard contact, there would be no students left because of its deadly nature.

Senior Age Sparring.
Junior Age Sparring