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 Traditional Taekwon-Do

The traditional side of Taekwon-Do is what really distinguishes I.T.F from any other form of Taekwon-Do.

Some martial arts have become watered down versions of what they are meant to be. Many never apply their traditional techniques where they are needed. Most use the competition side of their training when it comes to self defense.

At The Magua Taekwon-Do club we teach how to apply your traditional side into your self defense side. Remember what most people see of Taekwon-Do is the competition side, which included kicks and punches above the waist. The traditional training includes low section kicks, elbows knees, knife hands, reverse knife hands and many many more techniques that are designed to put an opponent down quickly.


We practice patterns which are set moves in a routine. Each movement is designed for maximum power and stability. We do not spar or stand to defend our selves in these traditional stances because allot of them would be very rigid to move around in. At the Magua Taekwon-Do clubs we train to move into these powerful stances very quickly to deliver extremely powerful blows and then straight back out into our fluid position.

If you train patterns only, they will not help you in combat. The movements of the patterns are made practical by adding them into self defense and fluid actions of real combat. When added to the rest of your training you will will benefit greatly from patterns.

Techniques and stances in patterns are exaggerated for two main reasons: to build a stronger body because the stances etc are relatively low and work the muscles well and to take into account that under pressure movements shorten and speed up. So these moves are exaggerated knowing in a pressure situation they will shorten and therefore still be effective.

Patterns are exceptionally good at building co-ordination and focus. It is literally the back bone on which the rest of Taekwon-Do relies on in order to develop the body and mind to be able to perform all the aspects of the art.

The traditional side is the ‘art’ in martial art and the beauty and power are inspiring to see.

The patterns train our muscles to be snappy and powerful. I.T.F. also uses a unique method of delivering power called sine wave ( Simply put it uses gravity to help generate power). Patterns also give an extremely effective an-aerobic and aerobic work out.