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Kids Taekwon-Do Classes

Kids classes offered at: Emmerentia - Bedfordview - Northriding

Why enrol your Child in our Taekwon-Do classes?

Our Taekwon-Do class offers so much in terms of benefits for a childs development for children from 7yrs old. It would be very difficult to find another activity that brings so much to the table. It also will improve all other aspects including other sports.

Taekwon-do uses children's fascination with martial arts to teach them a practical, responsible self-defence program with numerous other benefits including improvement in: gross & fine motor skills, hand & foot/ eye co-ordination, balance, muscle tone, strength, cardio vascular, flexibility, concentration, focus, respect, discipline and confidence. All aimed at building children’s confidence, physical and cognitive ability to help them stand up to the challenges of life, be it a bully or future interview and everything in between.

Our club is also closest to the source of pure quality Taekwon-Do here in SA, being under the founder of Taekwon-Do's Son Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa.

Self Defence
Our training also lifts a childs self defence skills throug the many aspects of the training. We also introduce an age appropriately adjusted part of our MTG Self Defence SHS (Survival Hosin Sul) into the classes.

Improves Co-ordination
During their growing-up years, all children go through phases of awkwardness.  Taekwon-Do teaches balance, grace and coordination on both right and left sides. Many aspects include crossing the midline. Children learn to simultaneously perform different movements with their feet and hands improving balance and the co-ordination that is needed in many aspects of life.

Develops Self-Discipline
When asked what they would like their child to get out of Taekwon-do, most parents cite, "self-discipline."  Our programme helps to increase the children's attention span, promotes concentration skills and then rewards them for their accomplishments.  Teaching a child how to discipline him or herself allows that child to perform well in other activities: school, scouting, sports, music and later, college and careers.  We're shaping the leaders of tomorrow!

Increases Self-Confidence
As students achieve higher ranks, they are proud of the progress they've made.  They are shown respect by lower-ranking students and instructors.  Taekwon-Do gives them the confidence to try other new things and because our students know how to defend themselves, they are less likely to fight.  After all, aggression is a symptom of low self-esteem.  

Enhances Flexibility and Fitness
As students progress in rank, and become more physically fit, the exercises become more fun and complex.  Taekwon-Do is also a terrific supplement to other sports, keeping the children active and fit during off seasons and improving their Cricket, Rugby, Athletics, and Soccer etc.  However, Taekwon-Do is not just for natural athletes!  It will greatly improve any child's fitness, co-ordination and flexibility.  

Enhances memory and acdemic performance

The sequences and technique learned for grading are a great for strengthening memory. The technical aspects help one to learn ones body. The exercise aspect has been shown to improve academic performance in many aspects uch as increased oxygen to the brain, co-ordination also including many aspects crossing the midline, stress relief due to the bodies natural release of natural horomones and chemicals brought on by physical activity.

What to expect
Training will include, fitness, strength, flexibility & technique training.  Striking sparring, fun wrestling, pad work, patterns, fun games which improve aspects important for martial arts.  There is also a great competition aspect for children who would like to compete.

The benefits to our Taekwon-Do programme are endless!

A special note for your information, in this world trend of quick fixes. Proficiency in our Taekwon-Do Martial arts classes is a process and does not happen over night. There will be noticable improvement relatively early on but we are not a quick fix outlet. If patience is not your thing, there are many styles out there that you could practically learn everything it has to offer in a month. Their coaches would have qualified, or in many cases, haven't  in a much shorter time than ours, also not holding any SA required cridentials or affiliations. Many throw the names of many martial arts being taught in their style or system around as if qualified in them, but are simply marketing tools. Those classes could get you to a certain level soon but in the long run will fall far behind. Also many offer non-original Taekwon-Do.
(We are directly connected to the source, being affiliated to the Son of the Founder of Taekwon-Do's Organisation). We hope you can try a class soon.
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