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Kids Taekwon-Do Classes

Kids classes offered at:  Emmerentia - Bedfordview - Olivedale - Edenvale - Lanseria.

Why enrol your Child in our Taekwon-Do classes?

Taekwon-do uses children's fascination with martial arts to teach them a practical, responsible self-defence program with numerous other benefits including improvement in: gross & fine motor skills, hand & foot/ eye co-ordination, balance, muscle tone, strength, cardio vascular, suppleness, concentration, focus, discipline and confidence. All aimed at building children’s confidence to help them stand up to the challenges of life, be it a bully or future interview and everything in between.

Self Defence

Our training also lifts a childs self defence skills. We also introduce an age appropriately adjusted part of our MTG Urban Self Defence Hosin Sul into the classes.

Improves Co-ordination
During their growing-up years, all children go through phases of awkwardness.  Taekwon-Do teaches balance, grace and coordination on both right and left sides.  Children learn to simultaneously perform different movements with their feet and hands improving balance and the co-ordination that is needed in many aspects of life.

Develops Self-Discipline
When asked what they would like their child to get out of Taekwon-do, most parents cite, "self-discipline."  Our program helps to increase the children's attention span, promotes concentration skills and then rewards them for their accomplishments.  Teaching a child how to discipline him or herself allows that child to perform well in other activities: school, scouting, sports, music and later, college and careers.  We're shaping the leaders of tomorrow!
Increases Self-Confidence
As students achieve higher ranks, they are proud of the progress they've made.  They are shown respect by lower-ranking students and instructors.  Taekwon-Do gives them the confidence to try other new things and because our students know how to defend themselves, they are less likely to fight.  After all, aggression is a symptom of low self-esteem.  

Enhances Flexibility and Fitness
As students progress in rank, and become more physically fit, the exercises become more fun and complex.  Taekwon-Do is a terrific supplement to other sports, keeping the children active and fit during off seasons and improving their Cricket, Rugby, Athletics, and Soccer etc.  However, Taekwon-Do is not just for natural athletes!  It will greatly improve any child's fitness and flexibility.  

What to expect
Training will include, fitness, strength, flexibility & technique training.  Striking sparring, fun wrestling, pad work, patterns, fun games which improve aspects important for martial arts.  There is also a great competition aspect for children who would like to compete.
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