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Taekwon-Do Adults & Teens

Adult & Teen MTG Martial Arts Taekwon-Do classes

Our adult and teen Martial Arts Taekwon-Do classes have proved very popular.  Our classes cater for the different age groups and adjust accordingly.  We consider ourselves an all-round/ all in one martial art.  By training with us you get a broad spectrum of complete martial arts training in one class with self defence, traditional & sporting aspects all specialised in. Basically in the class you will be trained in ITF Taekwon-Do, SHS (Survival Hosin Sul) Urban Defence System and Tk-Kickboxing.
There are very few activities that give so much all round benefit both physically and mentally while being enjoyable at the same time.

These classes are held at all of our centres.

In fact the more experience you get the harder the training becomes because your body will be able to harness more power and therefore more energy will be expelled.  A bit of patience at the beginning of the new learning phase is essential but well worth it in the long run.  A building with a weak foundation will fall.

Also white belt beginners do little or no contact until they grade for the first time, to encourage focus on getting the basics right.  If you would like more contact as a white belt you may ask your instructor, they will determine if you are ready.

We hope to have you as a guest soon, to try this amazing, dynamic & effective all round martial art.

A special note for your information, in this world trend of quick fixes. Proficiency in our Taekwon-Do Martial arts classes is a process and does not happen over night although significant improvement will be visible reletively early. We are not a quick fix outlet. If patience is not your thing, there are many styles out there that you could practically learn everything it has to offer in a month. Their coaches would have qualified, or in many cases, haven't  in a much shorter time than ours, also not holding any SA required cridentials or affiliations. Many throw the names of many martial arts being taught in their style or system around as if qualified in them, but are simply marketing tools. Those classes could get you to a certain level soon but in the long run will fall far behind. Also many offer non-original Taekwon-Do.
(We are directly connected to the source, being affiliated to the Son of the Founder of Taekwon-Do's Organisation). We hope you can try a class soon.
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