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Taekwon-Do Adults & Teens

Adult & Teen Taekwon-Do classes

Our adult and teen Taekwon-Do classes have proved very popular.  Our classes cater for the different age groups and adjust accordingly.  We consider ourselves an all-round/ all in one martial art.  By training with us you get a broad spectrum of complete martial arts training in one class with self defence, traditional & sporting aspects all specialised in. Part of the training includes our MTG Urban Hosin Sul (advanced mixed self defence).

Please look at what we cover here for the details of  the training as well as the benefits.  These classes are held at all of our centres.

Please remember that as a beginner the class will not feel as challenging as it truly is, because of a period of learning and coming to terms with the basics.  You will also do more advanced things, but because you will be thinking alot about how to do it, the cardio side will not be as pushed.  Once you have a grip on the basics you will be able to really push hard.  Taekwon-Do has some of the most challenging parts to it, but will only be realised once comfortable with the new basics etc.

In fact the more experience you get the harder the training becomes because your body  will be able to harness more power and therefore more energy will be expelled.  A bit of patience in the beginning new learning phase is essential but well worth it in the long run.  A building with a weak foundation will fall.

Also white belt beginners do little or no contact until they grade for the first time, to encourage focus on getting the basics right.  If you would like more contact as a white belt you may ask your instructor, they will determine if you are ready.

While youe will learn and see alot of progress from the beginning, proficiency in I.T.F Taekwon-Do is a process and does not happen over night.  If patience is not your thing, there are styles out there that you could practically learn everything it has to offer in a month. Those styles could get you to a certain level soon but in the long run will fall far behind but every individual is different and has different expectations of what they would like to achieve.

We hope to have you as a guest soon, to try this amazing, dynamic & effective all round martial art.
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